Active work groups

Construction work group

Court System Efficiency/Investment Protection work group

The work group was established in 2010 with an aim to imrpove the court system and to improve protection of investment in Latvia. Issues discussed in the work group include:

  • Modernisation of court system, access to justice
  • Arbitration courts reform
  • Administrative courts procedure, removing of procedural burdens, including improvement of pre-court appeal processes
  • Civil Procedure further development
  • Mediation (facilitation of alternative dispute resolution)
  • Material improvements required in respect to the protection mechanisms of creditors and minority shareholders rights.
  • Substantive development of efficiency in the process of challenging false and simulative transactions entered into against the interests of creditors (in fraudem creditorum). Establishing clear liability for such violations.
  • Developments to Anti-raiderism legislation. 
  • Amendments to the Commercial Law governing the validity, consequences and enforceability of provisions of shareholder agreements and other related aspects.
  • Judicial system efficiency issues (review of the commercial disputes, insolvency proceedings etc.).
  • Amendments to Criminal Procedure laws in the interests of injured party rights protection
  • etc

Education work group

Energy Issues work group

Healthcare system work group

Insolvency Law Issues work group

The work group was started in 2011 and since has developed two position papers on improvement of the insolvency procedures in Latvia. 

Currently the work group is carrying out a study on the impacts of insolvency system abuse on the economy of Latvia

Intellectual Property Protection work group

In 2014 the work group produced a position paper on intellectual property protection and promotion. This season the group focuses on implementing the suggestions in this paper and providing input for government working groups now active in various areas.

Topics covered in the group:

  • IP enforcement and the effectiveness of police and the courts
  • Copyright issues, especially online enforcement and cleaning up the copyright law
  • Education
  • Alternatives to the blank tape levy
  • Promoting government strategic thinking and policies to improve Latvia's competitive position as a producer of IP (patents, trademarks, copyrighted goods)

Labour Force Issues work group

Labour Issues Group began its work in 1999 when FICIL was established. The issues the group has been working on during these years are: the quality of Latvia's professional and tertiary education, its compliance with the labour market needs, quality of skilled labour, labour re qualification system, immigration policy and the dual system vocational education and training, and possibilities to introduce this system in Latvia.

Public Procurement Law work group

Public procurement: new EU directive and implementation:

The reforms are intended to modernise and simplify the rules. Some of the most important changes introduced in public procurement regulation by the new legislative package can be summarised as follows:
-  Abolition of the distinction between "part A" and "part B" services;
- “Lowest price” as award criterion has been abolished;
- Preliminary market consultations, prior to launching a procurement procedure, are now expressly permitted;
-  Contracting authorities will be permitted to use a competitive procedure with negotiation on a wider range of grounds;
- The grounds for excluding bidders are expanded to include poor performance under previous public contracts;
-  In order to facilitate participation of SME, authorities may not set a minimum turnover requirement at more than double the contract value;
-  The minimum time-limits which authorities must allow for bidders to submit their tender proposals have been shortened, so as to speed up award procedures;
-  When comparing tenders for services contracts, the authority will be expressly permitted to take into account the qualifications and experience of the individual staff assigned to performing the contract;
-  A new, potentially groundbreaking procedure of innovation partnership has been introduced;
-  Mandatory use of electronic communication;
-  Introduction of new rules governing award of concessions etc.

Sustainable Economic Development work group

Preconditions for increasing competitiveness of the country and sustainable economic development (Macroeconomics position)

Topics to be discussed and covered by the work group:
- What drives competitiveness of the country?;
- Advice on long-term policy (economic, education etc.);
- Views on current economic agenda topics (impact of sanctions);
- Measuring the sentiment of FICIL members for increasing/decreasing their investments in Latvia.

Tax Policy and Administration work group

Tax Issues Group was established in 1999. It is closely following the developments in Latvia's tax system and tax administration, and coming up with proposals on how to improve the business environment and investment climate through changes and improvements in tax system and/or administration.

Transport Issues work group

Waste Management work group

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