Work Groups

Drawing on their experience of running a business in Latvia, FICIL members identify areas for improvement and issues generic to the particular industry or the entire business community. Based on these and pending members acceptance it is decided to establish Work Groups to develop recommendations and solutions to improve of the investment climate in the country. FICIL members, including the participating chambers of commerce, delegate their representatives to contribute. While working on solutions, the groups follow the work of public bodies, invite and welcome discussions with the decision makers. FICIL encourages follow-up of Work Group activities; group members represent the position in various discussion forums, such as the Cabinet of Ministers, the Parliament, media etc.

1Construction work group

Leader: Ilze Kramiņa (Eversheds Sutherland)

The Construction work group covers issues related to amendments to the Construction Law and other legal acts. In general, the members of the work group perform towards reasonable legal basis for construction in Latvia.

2Education work group

Leader: Claudio Rivera (Riga Business School)

The work group deals with issues related to education, especially higher education. Few among many work group priorities are related with fragmentation of recourses in higher education, matching labour market demand and supply of education system. The work group has been vocal addressing principles of individualisation, cooperation, and internationalization of higher education.

3Energy and Waste Management work group

Leader: Nauris Kļava (E&Y)

The work group deals with issues related to energy sector and waste management policy. Circular economy, competitiveness in waste management administration in municipalities are the priorities in waste management field. In the field of energy sector policy work group recommends to adopt integrated national energy and climate change plan and promote cost efficiency in the Renewable Energy Policy.

4Insolvency Law Issues work group

Leaders: Ilze Znotiņa (Deloitte), Helmuts Jauja

The work group is working on recommendation for Latvian government to improve legal acts so that they go in line with principles of justice, rule of law and transparency. One of the work group’s important tasks among the others is to address the injustice of fraudulent abuse of insolvency system.

5Intellectual Property Protection work group

Leader: Ingrīda Kariņa-Bērziņa (Cobalt)

Intellectual property protection work group reviews legislation related to intellectual property rights and gives its recommendation to the Latvian government for improvement of legal acts.

6Labour Force Issues work group

Leader: Vacant

The work group has been working on policy and legal issues related to the quality of Latvia’s professional education, its compliance with the Latvia’s labour market needs, quality of skilled labour and smart immigration policy.

7Tax Policy and Administration work group

Leaders: Aija Kļavinska (Deloitte), Baiba Strupiša

Tax work group is working on issues related to tax administration and policy. The work group is closely following developments in Latvia’s tax system and tax administration, and actively coming up with proposals on how to improve the business environment and investment climate through changes and improvements in tax system and/or administration Predictable tax policy for business is one of the most crucial priorities.

8Transport Issues work group

Leaders: William Le Clere (French Chamber of Commerce), Andris Puriņš (KPMG)

The work group deals with issues related to transportation policy and logistics issues. The work group has been vocal in raising topics related with transparency of logistics policy and railway tariffs.

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