We have proclaimed it far and wide that 2019 marks 20 years since FICIL’s establishment. With this in mind, please mark your calendars – we are celebrating our 20th anniversary on 10th October 2019. More information will follow in due course, but we plan on celebrating with FICIL members and partners who have significantly contributed to FICIL’s development over the last 20 years. While we prepare for this celebration, FICIL team is also moving offices and following further developments regarding important topics raised at the High Council meeting.

The summer so far…

It’s been little over a month since the FICIL High Council 2019 meeting. The Minister of Justice, Mr. Jānis Bordāns has brought the idea of specialised courts to the Council for the Judiciary for discussion, FICIL is closely following the progress within the changes in the court system. FICIL position paper on investment protection and court efficiency can be found here.

FICIL Education work group leader, Mr. Claudio Rivera, recently attended a meeting with the Prime Minister and several university rectors to discuss the next steps within the field of higher education. During the High Council meeting, the Minister of Education, Mrs. Ilga Šuplinska, agreed that modernisation of the governance of higher education institutions is a must.

FICIL Energy sector and waste management work group leader, Mrs. Dace Cīrule, has been actively participating in Saeima committee meetings and Ministry of Environmental protection and regional development round table discussions concerning the introduction of packaging deposit system.

The Tax policy and administration work group will hold a meeting on the 4th of July, to start the conversation surrounding upcoming tax reforms. Please contact FICIL office if you would like to join any of the work groups – ficil@ficil.lv

Last but not least, Mrs. Julia Sundberg has moved to Ukraine for new professional challenges, hence has stepped down from her duties as chairperson of the FICIL Board. We will hold an election for the vacant Board member seat in September. Currently, the duties of the chairperson of the FICIL Board are jointly carried out by both vice-chairs – Mr. Māris Gruzniņš (Schwenk) and Mr. Ints Krasts (SEB).

Over the course of the next few months, we will keep you updated on the FICIL 20 celebration, work group meetings, potential new office location and upcoming members meeting planned for September 2019. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us at ficil@ficil.lv

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-Your FICIL Team