FICIL Sentiment Index

By surveying the viewpoints of the largest investors in Latvia in cooperation with SSE Riga, the aim of the research is to get a valuable insight on the investment climate in Latvia. Companies that have made the decision to invest in Latvia share their analysis of investment climate Latvia, their plans for future investments and their key concerns.

Insolvency Abuse Report

The report is carried out in cooperation with Deloitte. The report analyses the main indicators of insolvency abuse, its impact on the economy and the resulting losses to the society.

The Shadow economy report

The report has been developed in close cooperation among the Foreign Investors’ Council in Latvia (FICIL), researchers from KPMG and the Stockholm School of Economics in Riga (SSER). It is based on qualitative interviews with top management representatives from the largest foreign companies in Latvia who openly share their observations as to why companies in Latvia engage in shadow economy and what systemic issues in the economy does it unveil. The report also provides for specific recommendations for decreasing the shadow economy in Latvia.