The new season has kicked off in full swing. FICIL Sentiment Index surveys and work group meetings are the focus of our efforts in these autumn months. During this busy pre-election season, many FICIL members have represented our organization during public discussion on pertinent issues the new government will have to undertake. This participation is highly valued and effective in circulating FICIL point of view to the wider public and policy makers. Have a scroll through some of FICILs focal points during the month of September.

Update on Sentiment Index 2018

For the 4th year in a row, FICIL in collaboration with Dr. Arnis Sauka from SSE will be forging a research project – FICIL Sentiment Index 2018 – to identify changes and challenges in the investment climate and business environment in Latvia. First of all, FICIL truly appreciates the time and effort put into these FICIL Sentiment Index interviews. We are off to a great start. Surely, the next prime minister (or the same one) will be “thrilled” to read your remarks as to the investment climate and Latvian governments efforts to better it. These interviews will carry on through October as well. There have been some changes regarding the questionnaire, so it will be refreshing to find out the results of this year’s survey, when we launch the FICIL Sentiment Index 2018 project in January of 2019.

FICIL Members meeting

Recently, FICIL members had the pleasure of mingling and mixing at the members meeting held at Vastint new project Magdelēnas Kvartāls. We are grateful for your input in the upcoming celebration of FICIL 20th anniversary next year, as well as your assessment of the priorities FICIL is undertaking this season. To mention a few – higher education reform, digitalization, economic and financial crimes along with labour force issues. We hope you had a good time and enjoyed the networking opportunity. And thank you to Vastint for the guided tour around Magdelēnas Kvartāls – nothing ignites conversation as the discussion surrounding the furniture at a demo apartment. You can find the photos from this event in our gallery.

Update on FICIL work groups

Most of the work groups have held meetings already this season, touching upon the work done last year, building on the momentum gained and figuring out the next steps to better achieve aims and goals during this FICIL work season.

FICIL has a newcomer this year – the Food&Drink Industry work group. The first meeting of this work group was held at the FICIL office in mid-September. Industry representatives had a chance to discuss certain issues they are currently facing, as well as take in a presentation on the Evolved Nutrition Labelling Scheme. FICIL Members are invited to submit any topics/problems/questions for discussion to this work group, as the agenda for the upcoming season is still being formed.

The Education work group is continuing the work done last year. FICIL strongly believes that changes in the higher education system need to happen now. The university governance model is one of the priorities that needs to be addressed in this pre-election season as well as after October 6th. Working in synergy with government institutions as well as higher education institutions, the issue of the quality of higher education needs to be brought to the forefront of discussion and highly improved.

Economic and financial crime issues work group is addressing such topics as insolvency proceedings in Latvia, actions taken to limit financial crimes as in anti-money laundering, corruption and the way data is shared between financial institutions to prevent these crimes from happening.

In regards to the Labour force issues work group, attention has been placed on the wide spread problem of the availability of workforce. Otherwise, questions have been also asked about the number of people on sick leave, education of employees and immigration of necessary “hands”.

Digitalisation work group has also used the momentum created last season to jump back in. Some of the priorities this year emphasize the need to transform to a completely digital move of goods within Latvia, improve the quality of e-government services, simplify e-identification along with other concerns.

Last but not least, the Transport issues work group has looked at the Rail Baltica project and what effect this would have on the investment opportunities in Latvia in the future. Also discussed, the current airport infrastructure, and what needs to be done to improve that from the freight side. Many industries across Latvia are struggling when it comes to the availability of workforce, this was also a topic touched upon in the transport work group meetings.

If you would like to sign up to any of the 12 FICIL work groups this season, please click here.

Meetings of the other work groups will be announced in due course. If you have any questions regarding the above-mentioned information, please contact us at

Let’s continue building on the already achieved success.

-Your FICIL Team