FICIL is closely following the development of the situation regarding the impact of Covid-19 while maintaining an active dialogue with relevant state institutions to regularly provide recommendations for aiding the affected businesses as well as reboot the economy after the crisis.

FICIL work groups are continuing to work on position papers regarding long standing issues in the business environment that have been further highlighted by the current situation, as well sending recommendations on immediate action necessary. During weekly online meetings with State institutions on the business environment, topics such as idle time payments to employees, court system digitalisation, public procurement processes, mandatory health examinations, tax system adjustments and more have been discussed. FICIL also believes that in these challenging times, it is important to not only put out immediate fires, but to look forward on how to improve the overall economy in the long-run. For this reason, FICIL continues to help Government and state institutions find forward-looking solutions to overcoming the current crisis by using its members’ knowledge and experience. Therefore, if you would like to raise any concerns or contribute by proposing recommendations for stabilising the turmoiled economy, please do contact us by providing your input.

In the meantime, FICIL invites everyone to be socially responsible in order for us to continue flattening the curve of Covid-19 outbreak and, most importantly, stay safe. Despite the current hardships we face dealing with the crisis, FICIL would like to thank its members for their support implementing best practices and socially responsible activities for a greater good, by acknowledging their selfless activities on FICIL’s Wall of Good Deeds.

At the beginning of April, FICIL published a report on the impact of Covid-19 on business with the aim to identify the main concerns foreign investors are dealing with currently and the possible upcoming long-term challenges in the economy.

Meanwhile, FICIL would like to remind everyone that all precautionary measures stated by the Cabinet of Ministers as well as practical advice regarding Covid-19 is available here.

Should you have any concerns or comments, please do feel free to contact us at If you would like to get involved in FICIL’s work by participating in the online work group meetings, please feel free to sign up for any of the work groups here. 

-Your FICIL Team