During a very productive February, FICIL was running at full speed, defining and aligning its key messages for 2021. The work groups are now stepping into the stage where they undergo intensive internal discussions to outline their main topics for this year’s Position Papers. At the same time, FICIL has remained active in the public discussion as well. Here are some of our highlights from the last month!

Joint meeting between the FICIL Executive Board and Work Group Leaders

FICIL is proud to be involved in improving the investment climate in Latvia by engaging in a very wide set of public policy areas. This broad engagement has resulted in establishing 14 different work groups, each focused on its own specific area. On 11 February, FICIL Executive Board held an online meeting with all work group leaders to give an opportunity for the leaders to share the items currently on their work group’s agenda and to identify potential areas for cross-group collaboration.

During the meeting, the work group leaders were also introduced with the four overarching themes for FICIL in 2021. The four key blocks are human capital, digitalisation, green economy, and rule of law. To read more about FICIL’s focus areas for this year, visit the article on our website here.

FICIL Annual General Meeting

FICIL’s Annual General Meeting is approaching fast, as it will take place already on March 11. If you are a FICIL member, check your e-mail for an invitation to register for the AGM. Among other decisions to be made, four Board members will be elected. Furthermore, Andris Vilks from the Bank of Latvia will deliver a presentation on what businesses and investors can expect in 2021.

Upcoming meetings with the public sector

FICIL is looking forward to a busy March as the month will be kicked off with two high-level meetings with the public sector. On 5 March, our members will meet with the Head of the Procurement Monitoring Bureau. Among other topics, the discussion will touch upon PMB’s action plan for public procurements and efficiency related to large procurements.

On 8 March, FICIL will have the honour to hold a meeting with Mr. Artūrs Toms Plešs, Minister for Environment Protection and Regional Development. The topics of the meeting will revolve around two main areas – digitalisation and green economy development.

FICIL in Action

FICIL Executive Board member Ms. Zlata Elksniņa-Zaščirinska participated in a panel discussion on the impact Covid-19, digitalisation and climate change have on the investment climate in Latvia. The discussion was part of a webinar “Investment and Investment Finance – Latvia”, organised by the Bank of Latvia and European Investment Bank.

The British Embassy in Latvia hosted an online green meet-up “Desination:COP26”. Ms. Dace Cīrule, Green Economy Development work group leader, represented FICIL in a panel discussion on climate neutrality tools and practices. FICIL reiterates its opinion that Latvia is well positioned for successful forward-looking green reforms, however, a clear and structured plan is needed.

In February, FICIL was also invited to a focus group interview on the digital transformation of the healthcare sector. Ms. Dita Dzērviniece represented FICIL and shared the organisation’s perspective on the issues that currently surround healthcare and on the digitalisation needs in the sector.

Combatting corruption is another longstanding item on FICIL’s agenda. Investment Protection & Court Efficiency work group leader Mr. Māris Vainovskis was invited to share his reflections on integrity in the business environment during a discussion on the results of the latest corruption perception index, published by Delna (Transparency International Latvia).

At the very end of February, positive news came out of the education sector as the proposed changes to the Law on Higher Education Institutions passed Saeima’s second reading. Mr. Claudio Rivera, leader of the Education work group, has been present at the continuous work on the reform since its inception. The third reading in Saeima is expected to take place in May.

You can still sign up for the work groups by filling in the form here or by e-mailing ficil@ficil.lv.


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