In a meeting with the Minister of Justice, Ms. Inese Lībiņa-Egnere, FICIL discussed regulations related to reducing the shadow economy, quality of the legislation, the new Law on interest representation and other recommendations associated with the court efficiency that were laid out in the previous year’s FICIL position papers. FICIL was represented by its Board Member, Māris Vainovskis, and several work group leaders – Dace Cīrule, Evita Goša, Daiga Zivtiņa, and by the FICIL’s Executive Director, Tatjana Guzņajeva, and Policy Expert, Roberts Alhimionoks.

FICIL highlighted importance that both sustainability and profitability play for investors, and indicated that the justice system should be pro-active, anticipating and suggesting effective regulatory solutions in order to discourage “greenwashing”. FICIL has expressed support of the Law on interest representation, as it further promotes transparency in the public sector and policy co-creation. During the discussion, participants also discussed the significant work done on regulations related to arbitration courts in Latvia, the progress on implementing the Shadow Economy Plan and measures to curb corruption.

Recommendations laid out in the FICIL’s Position papers were also discussed during the meeting. First, FICIL’s representatives emphasised the need to further improve the quality of legislation by establishing an ex-post assessment requirement in significant law amendments. Second, FICIL discussed the need to strengthen the efficiency of courts by stimulating digitalisation, promoting continuous training and knowledge-sharing of court staff and by strengthening competencies of the Economic Court.

FICIL would like to thank the Ministry of Justice for a productive meeting and remains committed to cooperate with the ministry in the future!

Photo: Tieslietu ministrija/ Ministry of Justice