This has been a very busy season with a lot of changes happening. We have less than a month left until the next FICIL High Council meeting.  30th and 31st of May will see foreign investors sitting down with government representatives to discuss the necessary improvements to further advance the business environment in Latvia. Have a read through some important information on FICIL’s activities in the spring time.

FICIL Members meeting on 30 April

FICIL held a members meeting recently with exciting outcomes. First of all, lets welcome our newest member – ORKLA Latvija. After a compelling presentation by Mr. Toms Didrihsons, FICIL membership voted in favour of ORKLA Latvija joining our organisation.

Secondly, a new FICIL Board member was elected – Mrs. Zinta Jansons from the American Chamber of Commerce in Latvia.  A big welcome to our newest additions just in time for High Council meeting at the end of May! Photos from the meeting are available here.

Update on High Council meeting on 30-31 May

2019 marks 20 years since FICIL’s establishment, so during the High Council we will have a chance to look back on the already achieved while also placing a strong focus on the future Latvia we want to see.  During the two-day meeting, FICIL will touch upon many relevant topics, such as the stability of the financial sector, attraction of investment, vision of Latvia and more. At this time, all members have been asked to notify FICIL of their participants in the High Council meeting, so further details on the agenda and relevant information will be sent to each company’s delegates. If you have any questions regarding the event, feel free to contact the FICIL Office.

FICIL in Action

FICIL in Saeima’s Education, Culture and Science Committee

On 9 April, FICIL presented recommendations aimed at modernising the governance of higher education institutions to the Saeima’s Education, Culture and Science Committee. FICIL is pleased that the Minister of Education also agreed that changes in the governance of higher education institutions were necessary and confirmed the Ministry’s readiness to address these problems.

FICIL Board meets with the Vice-President of the European Commission

On 24 April, FICIL Board had a fruitful discussion with Mr Valdis Dombrovskis on the economic developments in the EU as well as FICIL proposals on such topics as modernisation of governance model for universities, increased focus on digitalisation as well as attracting investments thus improving the competitiveness of Latvia.

FICIL representatives on the Whistle-blowers law

FICIL work group leaders Mr Māris Vainovskis and Ms Irina Kostina represented FICIL’s position in a State Chancellery meeting on the best practices for developing the system for whistle-blowers in Latvia.

FICIL work groups creative process

As you know, FICIL work groups discuss, debate, examine and deliberate crucial issues on the investment climate in Latvia all year long. At the moment, however, fruit of this labour comes in the form of position papers with specific recommendations aimed at the Government of Latvia. Transport issues work group is laying the focus on two parallel tracks: how to improve the existing transportation network vs. attraction of investment regarding future infrastructure projects. Digitalisation work group members are emphasising the need to improve G2B interaction. Economic and Financial crime issues work group has looked into the consequences of MONEYVAL report. While the Labour force issues work group is placing a strong focus on the quality and availability of work force in Latvia.

In a few weeks time, FICIL Office will publish more detailed information on the content of position papers outlining specific recommendations and topics highlighted. However, all position papers will be uploaded to FICIL website during the High Council meeting with fully detailed recommendations across different sectors with the goal to improve the business environment and investment climate in Latvia.

Enjoy the lovely weather and spring holidays!

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-Your FICIL Team