On 7th of September President of Latvia, Mr. Egils Levits met with members of Foreign Investors Council in Latvia (FICIL) to discuss topics that are crucial for both improving the current investment climate in Latvia and attracting new investment. The focus of the discussion was on public sector governance and quality of legislation.

President of Latvia and FICIL members agreed on the changes that are necessary to improve the effectiveness and inter-institutional cooperation of the public sector.

“In Latvia, there is a need to improve cooperation among ministries when dealing with horizontal issues, such as energy independence, digitalisation, and the EU’s Green Deal. In addition, the Cabinet of Ministers need to assign a politically responsible official that would be directly involved in solving these questions” commented E. Levits.

President of Latvia E. Levits agreed with FICIL’s proposed recommendations to improve the quality of legislation process that requires following and thoroughly observing the instructions of the Constitutional Court, and exclude insufficient level of parliamentary discussion, late proposals for legislation and incomplete impact assessments of draft laws.

Also, together with FICIL members, the President of Latvia discussed the upcoming elections, the future goals of the country to promote welfare of the population and the professional skills that are necessary for the heads of state institutions. Lastly, those present discussed the issue of determining accountability over achieving results outlined in strategic plans and policy documents for the public sector.