On 31st of August, Leader of FICIL Green Economy Development work group, Dace Cīrule participated in a discussion “Green Latvia – reality or illusion” as part of The World Cleanup Day. The discussion focused on the important question – what is a “green country”? During the panel all participants discussed whether Latvia is “green” and what we as individuals, society, businesses, and policymakers can do to foster green transition.

While waiting for The World Cleanup Day within the framework of which all Latvian residents are invited to participate in the “Laimes koki” campaign also the discussion “Green Latvia – reality or illusion” took place. Their point of view about how green our society was shared by the FICIL Green Economy Development work group leader Dace Cīrule, Chairman of the Board of “Neste Latvia” Armands Beiziķis, Head of Environmental Education at “Latvijas valsts meži” Līga Abizāre”, Laura Vāciete Trapene Parish Coordinator of World Cleanup and Ieva Anita Rieksta who is the Brand Manager at “Mežpils alus”. The discussion was moderated by the Head of “Lielā Talka” Vita Jaunzeme.

During the discussion, Dace Cīrule explained, that Latvia is still looking at other country examples to learn from them when it comes to the environmental questions. She also emphasised the idea that Latvia should lower the restrictions placed on businesses to allow them to realise different initiatives that are environmentally friendly.

Full discussion video.