Materials for the FICIL AGM

Dear FICIL members

We are bringing to your attention a proposal with amendments to FICIL statutes (Articles of Association) that is prepared by the co-leader of FICIL Tax work group, a certified lawyer, Mrs Baiba Strupiša and has been reviewed by the FICIL Board.

The proposed amendments reflect:
–  Alignment with other FICIL documents (namely, Strategy that includes FICIL’s vision, mission, values, Communication strategy and plan);
–  Improvements in legal technique (clarifications made in respect of terminology and consistency of Latvian and English version);
–  Better alignment with the existing daily needs of the Council.

On the right we have uploaded version with main changes highlighted (grammar and formatting changes excluded) as well as a clean version of the proposed statutes with amendments incorporated. Grateful if you familiarise yourself with the proposed amendments and let us know any questions or concerns you may have – we will be happy to respond.

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