As the Independence Day celebrations are over and we are moving towards the Christmas, everyone wants to do as much as possible to get the best possible presents from Santa. This probably is the reason why FICIL work groups have been very energetic during November. More from work groups below. Please also mark your calendars for the FICIL Sentiment Index launch event, Annual General Meeting and High Council.

FICIL Sentiment Index launch event — 10 January 2018

We are pleased to announce that the third FICIL Sentiment Index launch event will take place on 10 January 2018 at 10:00 (venue: SSE Riga, Strēlnieku 4). If you are reading this office report, you are most welcome to attend the event; an official invite with more detail will follow soon. The event will consist of presentation of the Index by dr. Arnis Sauka and will be followed by a high level discussion with ministers and politicians about the way forward to improve business and investment climate in Latvia.

AGM is coming

The Annual General meeting (AGM) is scheduled for 20 February at 16:00. In case you would like to apply for hosting the meeting this time, please kindly write to Elva ( We have launched a dedicated section in our webpage for AGM where you will find latest information.

Updates from FICIL Work Groups

Digitalisation work group

The Digitalisation work group is examining hygiene issues and visionary aspects of Latvia’s digital ecosystem. In November’s meeting, the members analysed e-governance in Latvia and its efficiency, opportunities for small and medium size companies to benefit from digitalisation in the future, Latvia’s position in various international rankings regarding digitalisation, Latvia and EU Digital Single Market and other aspects.

Labour Force issues work group

The group looks at legal framework of labour related relations, quality and availability of workforce. A representative from the State employment agency informed the group members about training and remining of unemployed and future plans of the agency. The co-leader of the work group Irina Kostina represented FICIL at the Ombudsperson’s conference and talked about policies employing disabled people in other countries. Material from the conference is available here.

Education work group

Work group members had a guest from the Ministry of Education and Science and representative from the Bank of Latvia who presented necessary improvements in Higher education. The next meeting in January will focus on efficiency of higher education institutions and we are expecting a speaker from the State Audit office to highlight the main issues.

Energy and Waste management work group

Among the most important topics that need to be reviewed from the last position paper, work group members identified desynchronization of grids, progress in the green energy, environment protection and climate change action plan, OIK reform and gas market liberalisation. In order to have an informed view on the latest developments the group will engage with public authorities. The next meeting is planed together with representative from VARAM

Construction work group

The Construction work group is now looking at the draft amendments to the Construction Law, in particular, liability in the construction process (principles) and insurance matters. The work group members looked at the regulation of residential properties and the Draft Law on Tenancy of Residential Premises.

Transport issues work group

The group analysed latest Position Paper and reviewed developments in the area of transport and logistics. Latest updates from the Logistics Council were provided. The group also discussed the future potential investment opportunities arising from the existence of Rail Baltica.

Tax Policy and Administration work group 

Members of the work group currently share their views on the quality of regulations implementing the tax reform. Work group representatives met with the Ministry of Finance, to discuss specific regulations implementing the tax reform and to flag up the FICIL view. Tax administration also in focus — regular meetings with SRS on impact of the Tax reform.

Update from Members meeting

FICIL held members meeting on 14 November. Thanks for Evolution Gaming for providing us with fantastic meeting venue and leading the guided tour through their office and allowing us to look into the place which is closed for general public. A lot of topicalities and changes were discussed, for example changes in the FICIL Board, fresh approach on Communication Strategy, financing of High Council meetings. Detailed update from the meeting can be found here.

High Council meeting – 6-7 June 2018

And finally, currently the dates set for the High Council meeting are 6 and 7 June 2018. Please mark these dates in your calendars and inform your High Council delegate.

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Please contact the FICIL Office at, if you would like to get more detailed information on the topics mentioned above or you just feel lonely in dark Latvian autumn and want to talk to someone. 🙂