On June 9, Claudio Rivera, FICIL Education issues work group leader, participated in the meeting of the Saeima Education, Culture and Science Committee, where the draft law “Amendments to the Law on Higher Education Institutions” was discussed. Claudio Rivera expressed FICIL’s support for the proposed reforms to the governance model of higher education institutions, including the creation of councils. We are aware that intense discussions are currently taking place between the parties involved, but we would call for further constructive negotiations in order to find the best solution for the development of the higher education sector.

In FICIL’s view, the aim of the reform is to make the Latvian higher education system more competitive among the global players, to promote innovation and the development of science by creating an economy with high added value. Latvia is at a historic moment where we are not only discussing the development of the higher education system, but also the development of Latvia as a whole. Higher education significantly reflects a country’s values, priorities, understanding of development and future potential. Despite the achievements in some areas, FICIL believes that the potential of higher education institutions is not being fully utilised systemically. Increasing the international competitiveness of the sector requires complex structural solutions, the starting point of which is to improve the accountability and transparency of university and university governance.

As FICIL has repeatedly stated, we agree that the government should consider increasing the level of funding for universities and other higher education institutions in order to fully implement these reforms. However, this increase can only be achieved if we have confidence in well managed resources  with greater efficiency, transparency and sustainability. You can find out more about the FICIL’s position regarding this matter here.

Below you will find an infograph on higher education governance.